Cayuga Biotech

Combating Battlefield Hemorrhage

DARPA Partnership

Traumatic bleeding is an especially critical threat for our armed forces. Cayuga is working with DARPA and the US Army to test CAY001's potential as a battlefield drug. This has culminated in a:

  • DARPA grant to study CAY001 in a swine injury model

  • Phase I Army SBIR

  • Phase II Army SBIR (Ongoing)

  • FY20 Joint Warfighter Medical Research Grant

Combined, these grants have provided ~$3MM in non-dilutive funding to study CAY001's ability to treat traumatic hemorrhage.

    DARPAUS Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics,
                 and Technology (ASA(ALT))

    US Army SBIR Office (Phase 2

    Critical Innovations

Science & Technology

Combat Hemorrhage

Stopping blood loss on the battlefield is the most immediate problem for the injured warfighter. Non-compressible, e.g. abdominal, injuries remain “a clear and persistent gap in medical treatment capability” according to the US Army. Early treatment can mean the difference between life and death.

CAY001 is a shelf-stable drug designed to be deployed with first-responders such as medics and corpsmen directly at the point-of-care. Our goal is to safely promote clotting at the injury site in order to buy valuable time to evacuate wounded service-men and -women to a location where they can receive definitive surgical care.