Cayuga Biotech

Harnessing biomimetic polyphosphate
for human health

Cayuga's Mission

Cayuga Biotech is an early-stage platform biotechnology company harnessing biomimetic polyphosphate to address pressing unmet needs in human health. Polyphosphate plays several roles in human biology that are dictated by the chain length of the molecule. Cayuga’s initial focus for drug development leverages polyphosphate’s role in hemostasis. With a core capability in materials science, Cayuga optimizes biomimetic nanoparticle formulations of varying polyphosphate lengths for unique applications, including serious bleeding, rare bleeding disorders, CNS bleeding and severe burns.

Lead candidate, CAY001, is anticipated to enter the clinic in 2022 for major bleeding in patients treated with anti-platelet medications. CAY001 is in development for additional follow-on indications including anti-coagulant related bleeding, surgical bleeding, refractory GI bleeding and traumatic hemorrhage. In preclinical studies, CAY001 has been shown to accelerate hemostasis without off-target thromboembolism