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Harnessing Polyphosphate to Treat Serious Bleeding

Cayuga's Mission

Serious bleeding is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and outcomes are linked to how quickly hemostasis can be achieved. Cayuga Biotech's mission is to harness the potential of polyphosphate to address uncontrolled bleeding episodes. Our first in class drug, CAY001, is in preclinical development and has been designed to accelerate control of bleeding across multiple underlying causes, including:

  • Antiplatelet-induced bleeding

  • Anticoagulant-induced bleeding

  • Traumatic hemorrhage

  • Platelet dysfunction and orphan bleeding disorders

Science & Technology

Management of Bleeding

Excessive bleeding is a global threat which can affect all populations, but is especially critical for patients on anticoagulant therapy or those who have a rare bleeding disorder. Across all sources of bleeding, the probability of death increases 1 % for every 3 minutes of uncontrolled hemorrhage, meaning that rapid intervention is critical to survival.

CAY001 is a first-in-class drug which aims to accelerate the body's natural clotting response even in patients with compromised platelet function. Unlike natural platelets, CAY001 is can be mass-manufactured, is stable at room temperature, and does not require type matching, allowing it to be deployed with first responders.


Harnessing Polyphosphate

Small chain polyphosphate (polyP) is released from platelets upon injury. This natural polymer is rapidly metabolized within in-vivo models and has been show to accelerate clot formation within in-vitro models. Cayuga Biotech is developing a novel formulation of polyP (CAY001) with the aim of improving the in-vivo stability and potency of polyP in accelerating thrombin production and clot formation at injury sites without inducing unwanted clotting.

Key Publications

Kudela D. “Restoring Hemostasis Following Injury Using Polyphosphate-Coated Silica Nanoparticles.” The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal. 2017, 31, 978.13.

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Cayuga Biotech Team


Damien Kudela, PhD
Inventor NanopolyP


Kyle Ploense, PhD


Nathan Ogden, PhD
Senior Scientist


Andrea Ashford-Hicks
Senior Advisor



David McGuinn, PhD, DABT
Regulatory Advisor

Toxicology expert
23 years FDA experience


Mark Tracy, PhD
CMC Advisor

President, Tracy BioConsulting

Medical Advisors


Josh Goldstein, MD, PhD
Medical Advisor

Massachusetts General Hospital,
Harvard Medical School,
Department of Emergency Medicine


Jerrold Levy, MD
Medical Advisor

Professor of Anesthesiology,
Critical Care, and Surgery

Duke University,

Business Advisors


Karen Boezi
Business Advisor

Former CEO Redwood Bioscience (CTLT)
Partner, Thomas, McNerney & Partners


Ajay Rai
Business Advisor

VP Business Development,
Frequency Therapeutics


Nancy Stagliano, PhD
Business Advisor

CEO Neuron23 Inc.,
Former CEO True North Therapeutics, iPierian, CytomX

Scientific Advisors


Prof. James Morrissey
Scientific Advisor

Polyphosphate expert
Biological Chemistry Department,
University of Michigan Medical School


Prof. Galen Stucky
Scientific Advisor

National Academy of Science
Materials Department, UCSB


News and Events:

Cayuga selected for DOD's Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program

Cayuga will present at IndieBio Demo Day:

Cayuga Biotech wins UC Startup Competition and is named a finalist for the Extreme Tech Challenge in June

Cayuga Biotech named a finalist for the Army xTechSearch 3.0

Our Funding:

Cayuga is proud to be a member of the IndieBio Accelerator program. In addition, we are collaborating with DARPA as well as the United States Army.